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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> called to order. >> could i clear the room?
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>> okay, excuse me. excuse me. we would now like to start our meeting thank you very much. the regular meeting of the board of education, i don't want to have to clear this room so we can start our meeting. we have a lot of public speakers signed up today. >> we have a couple of awards also to be awarded. and i would expect you to be respectful to your colleagues, who are getting rewards. >> so, the regular meeting of the san francisco board of education is now called to order. for april 22nd, 2014. >> roll call please? >> thank you >> mr. haney? >> here. >> miss maufas? >> miss mendoza mcdonald.
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>> mubarak. >> here. >> wynns. >> here. >> fewer. >> present. >> miss wei. >> here. >> and mr. logan. >> here. >> thank you. >> please, join me in the pledge after lee begans. pledge of allegiance. >> okay. i am going to ask you one last time, please, the meeting has been called to order. approval of the board minutes. >> can i have a motion... can i have a motion and a second please? >> move to adopt. >> second. >> and thank you, roll call vote, please? >> wei? >> yes. >> logan?
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>> yes. i abstain. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> maufas, mike leeds. >> yes. >> mubarak. >> aye. >> wynns. >> fewer. >> aye. >> six ayes. >> item b, presentation to the board of education, the superintendant's report. >> instead of sharing superintendant thoughts for the evening, i think that what i would like to do is actually turn to over to the stars of the show which are our students and as you know this is poetry week and we are honored this evening to have two students, a fifth grader from cleveland elementary and a fourth grader. and as our students make their way to the podium, i just would like to share that, they are representing an organization called america scores, and
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america scores, believes in marrying poetry through soccer and they have installed a soccer field at cleveland elementary school so the kids can be healthy while they practice their poetry. and so with no further adieu, what i would like to do is ask garcia who is a fifth grader from cleveland elementary school to come forward and following him, castro, a third grader and while they are getting set up, i will tell you a little bit about them. the inspiration from his childhood and his poem, by weaving in a narrative of his identity and experiences and aside from exceling from poetry, you can find him existing it on the soccer field and as a delay of the sports man ship are admirable and thank you for being here and
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helica is a remarkable young poet in her own right and one of her favorite memories is coming to america from the philippines with her big and loving family, and you can see her family support translate into the classroom wheres she supports her classmates with her homework. and she gets to share per poems with everyone like she is going to share them here tonight, will you welcome, garcia and helica. you are on. buddy. >> good afternoon. i come from cleveland elementary and today i am going to be presenting my poem, wait, my name is lous garcia, the name of the poem is my
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>> thank you. please please [ applause ] >> my name is angelica and i am from (inaudible) and the title of my poem is called the elements. red orange, yellow, the colors of the flame. red orange yellow, easy to bring, hot not cold, smoky and bold, fire is so hot it can also bring gold. earth is rocky, but don't be shocked you will not be poked by one of those rocks, earth the (inaudible) water, blue, clear and sometimes clean water to us in everything.
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ice liquid even steam water cools and cleans. (inaudible) [ applause ] >> thank you very much. thank you. our students, thank you very much. and so, item c, recognitions and resolutions and commendations, i believe that we have a couple of awards. >> we would like to recognize for the rave distinguished
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service award roxanne huie is she here, are you here? great, so we are going to ask dr. elizabeth blanco from the special education services department if she could please read the citation for her distinguished service award and we will make sure that they gets her certificate. >> dr. garcia? >> dr. blanco. okay, good evening, roxanne is from the brett heart school and she was nominated by one of her co-workers and she has been a speech pathology for 15 and a half years and loved and adord by all of her students and implements both push in and push out sessions based on her students' needs and go above and beyond the call of duty and she is great to work with and always suggests meaningful activities that can be used in
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the classroom to help her students, something that she gave us an example of was a student of hers started out this year, almost non-verbal and now speaking in full sentences and she has got him to engage with his peers and so we want you to know that she is an absolute pleasure to work with and a wonderful collaborative. >> so next i would like to ask for kimerly coats to come forward to read the commendation for rave special serve awards to steven youn. thank you, i'm kim coats and the executive director and it is my great pleasure to recognize the outstanding work of our say it with me, community health out reach, workers, also known as chow who
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play a critical role in our school program and recognize the work of the wellness team at washington high school. >> our chows are considered the pathway to wellness and play a critical role in ensuring excellent and equity and so the students are safe and ready to learn and the numbers speak to the work that they do, 52 percent or 7,000 students access wellness across our high schools. and i have the great pleasure to introduce kevin gogan who is going to present steven youn's nomination, thank you. [ applause ] >> it is a pleasure to introduce to you steve youn the community out reach worker at washington high school who is known as the asian guy with the pony tail, being a chow could be the most exciting job in the school wellness center because
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at a moment's notice, the chow needs to know when to send the student back to class and when to get a student in a confidential space fast and when it is okay to have the student stay right where he or she is, last year alone, steve welcomed 850 students of the washington high school student body into the wellness program, he has the largest number of youth out reach workers of any site and organized it to complete over 100 events, classroom presentations films, names rntion projects and quilt displays and affairs. he chanedles it with the calm demeanor and also completed a master's degree with marriage and family therapy and nearly done accruing the hours to take the licensing test. >> as one colleague wrote to me today, steve is ready to work with whatever helps washington. when he is asked to do a skit in front of a grade level,
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which is actually 500 teens, he says sure, often he plays the role of jimmy who thinks that he might have been std or needs a condom or needs someone to talk to on how to break up. >> and he aparticipated in the evening fashion show, to support hiv education. and the drag show to support lgbtq youth and to teach mindfulness at staff meetings if it is going to help the school, steve is there i would like to introduce steve youn. [ applause ] >> i just want to thank the
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board, for the amazing educators here in the room, and kim coats and donna and i just want to say that i am truly humbled by this award and i want to thank many of the board members and also my amazing team and linda, and our amazing school nurse and also, ed markuis an amazing math teacher who is a hero of mine to nominate me. i want to thank my wife and amazing mom and dad and my daughter and please, continue to support the wellness initiative, all of the amazing cbos in the city and also all of our educators and because without your support, we can't do what we are doing now and thank you for this award i am truly humbled. >> item d.
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item d. students delegates' report, thank you. >> this past a long time, actually, the fac has been committed to creating a policy to prevent the use of ecigarette on sfusd buildings or surrounding areas, where the students may observe this or the youth of the ecigarettes so we want to give out a couple of special thank yous for all of the support for the sac, and first is superintendant richard carranza for supporting the proposal to acommend the drug and alcohol policy to include ecigarettes and president fewer for always having our back and telling us that we have to do and make sure that it happens. and associate superintendant kevin for also providing us whatever we need, for anything. and executive assistant to the
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board of education, miss casco for helping us with a resolution and giving us all of the advice that we need to write a great resolution, i mean proposal. and donna for helping us connect with all of the school health programs, that around sfusd, thank you. >> so, the sac has been growing in recent years and we are currently collaborating with commissioner haney to expand the sac's goals and sort of continued to expand the student leadership council, and it is also campaign season at the sac. the school site representatives and the student delegates are student delegate all running for the office right now and
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so, sac welcomes anyone who would like to help the sac campaign and create the posters and write buttons to contact salvador bar and the next meeting is april 28th at 5:00, thank you. >> yes, superintendant. >> yes, president fewer, would i like to congratulate the two student delegates who are seniors and are still studying and ramp up for finals. but, without it, they have been selected to the most selected uc in the country, and that is the university of california los angeles, ucla and they are both going to be bruins. >> and we are so proud of them and we know that they are going
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to take their advocacy for student voice down south and so we are proud of you and thank you for being here. >> thank you, superintendant, well said. >> item e, parent advisory report, there is none, if there is no objection, we will take it out of order, the item under section k. the qtea annual report. >> i would like to ask director chris and the member of the qtea oversight committee michelle parker to come forward and share the report with the p you believe and with the board. >> thank you, carranza, i am the director of policy and planning for the san francisco school district. i am joined here... sorry about
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that. i am joined here by michelle parker, co-chair for the qtea oversight committee as well as members, fong and our auditors are here as well and ready to present. and i am just want to just say my own, personal and it has been a great year, and we have several members, who are cycling off after four years of service. and it has been a real honor and a privilege, to work with these men and women, and i want to just hand out very quickly to miss parker who has done an amazing job as co-chair. >> this is an exciting fund to over see and to learn about all of the great things that are happening with the money that the voters approved back in 2008. and you all received this and not too long ago to read through and hopefully you will have a chance to read through it later, if you have not
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already, because we will not have a lot of time to go through every single point that is in the report, and there are hand outs available for the audience and you have them as well. and i am just going to actually read through the beginning summary here. of what this report is about. and then we will just hit some highlights. the purpose of this the quality teacher in education act oversight committee is to insure that the proceeds from the proposition passed in june of 2008 which brought in the revenues of $35.4 million are expended for the purposes described in the proposition. also, for the 2008 board of education resolution, 8, 11-12 sp3, the committee should inform the public concerning the expenditures. the oversight committee meets every other month, and our meetings are generally comprised of reports from the program managers and
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presentations and the master teacher program and the reports from the budget department staff and other general matters, we currently have six members on the committee, four of whom will be trimming out this june and we are looking to appoint new people and we have open spots, and we thank everybody who has served for their service and has been a really high quality group of people to work with with a lot of knowledge in different areas and very insightful questions and i think has done a good job over seing in the way that they, that they should, according to the ballot language. representatives from the auditing firm, from the company will begin the report with findings from the 2013 final audit and following the report, the committee will share information about the recent impact of qtea on the school district and offer recommendation wes have three areas that we want to touch on tonight, first is professional development, second is innovation and third is technology. as i said there are some really exciting things happening with
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these funds, and we hope that if there is something that you want to hear more about, that you will schedule a time to hear another presentation and i know that we have the program managers here in case you have other questions that the committee members are not able to answer. >> that is extremely disrespectful. so please... (inaudible) miss parker, please continue. >> okay. so i would like to call up our audit ors to come up and present the audit. good evening, we are going to make this very brief.
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we have... >> excuse me, this is a fund, that actually your union and the school district negotiated together. we are hearing a report on it. i would think that you would be interested to and that is disrespectful and she is in the middle of her presentation, please miss parker continue. >> go ahead. >> we have two reports here, one is the basic audit of the actual fund itself. which we did not find any findings, or issues with, there is a balance sheet and an income statement or a statement of revenues and expenditures that shows where the $36.6 million have been spent and we certificated those financial statements and the other thing that we do is the agreed upon procedures report where in we test that the money that are collected from the parcel tax are actually spent for in accordance with the ballot language. we selected approximately 32
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million of the 36 million, we did not find any matters or any issues that indicated that there was any inappropriate expenditures and we point out that there is 4.5 million that is allocated for or back to the general fund for compensation issues as well there and there has always been an issue as to whether or not that is a proper, item for this or a proper expenditure under the parcel tax and we have concluded that it is. >> excuse me, what was that number that from this fund, for compensation that has been allocated for compensation. the number is for school district compensation and support and it is 4.3 million for this year. >> 4.3 million. >> thank you very much. >> and so i mean, again unless there are questions that the reports that we have are essentially unqualified and we did not have any findings, noted, and our purpose here and obviously if there are any questions that anybody has, relative to what we do, we
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would be happy to answer the questions at this point in time, but that is our report. >> thank you very much. commissioner murase? >> on page 2 of the oversight committee says that the oc has requested that the administrative fees charged by the city of san francisco be corroborated and justified. and 220,000 per year >> it is on page 3 and says tax collection cost, the city and county collects the revenues from the parcel tax and give them to the school district and so the city charges the district a fee for that service. and so i think that feet that, or a guess that the fee of the
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oversight committee is referring to is working with the city to come up and determine how to come up with those dollars, as far as the audit, the 220,000 is what they charge the school district for that. >> okay. >> miss parker, could you..., questions on the audit for my colleagues? >> seeing none, please? >> yes, and thank you for bringing it up that question commissioner murase because also going to bring that up. just because it is something that is taken off of the top by the city that has not been in the financial reports we have been reviewing and we thought that it was important to be transparent with the voters where every dollar was going to. so moving on to sort of the content of the report, we want to thank all of the program... >> before you begin. are there other members of your committee in the audience this evening? >> yes. >> could we recognize them please? >> absolutely. as chris already recognized